17-Killer-Facebook-Post-Ideas-for-Small-Business-Owners-Kim-Garst-1Kim Garst from Boom Social shared this really cool article today. Frankly, even I got ideas from her post on what to post on Facebook.

We all get stumped from time to time or want more unique content to share with our audiences! The main result to posting that you want to aim for, as you will see from her suggestions, is engagement from your fans. Not only does engagement (likes, comments, shares) build credibility and loyalty, but it also helps you share your brand with your fan's friends as well. And do not worry if not everyone responds, that just means you are doing it right, cuz when you are marketing to EVERYBODY you are marketing to NOBODY!

Go check out Kim's article “17 Killer Facebook Post Ideas For Small Business Owners” and make sure you don't just read it, but IMPLEMENT at least ONE into your Facebook strategy!


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