ManifestYourBrand-imageSo you have decided that a digital product can totally work for you and your business model. You have figured out that this will absolutely add leverage and scalability to your business. It will work for you 24×7 and you are excited to make that happen. I couldn't agree more!

And now you are stuck in the “what will my course (or digital product) be about” stage. Well, here are some ideas for you. You can replace the content inside the brackets to fit your particular industry or situation. Just keep it honest and authentic to YOU. Remove any aspect that doesn't apply or you don't wish to include (this is YOUR course). Of course, this is not an all inclusive list and I wish I had a crystal ball that told me what YOUR business is about, but you get the jest. And if I can help you in this area, scroll to the bottom and let me know. Let's do this!

22 Course Topic Ideas You Can Run With

– How I built my [6 figure] [health coaching] business online in under [4 years] with about [$1,000] in my pocket.

– How to start an online business in the [weight loss] industry

– How to start [podcasting]

– How to achieve [happiness, reduce stress & open up your creativity] through guided meditation

– How to build a super easy website for your business

– How to start a blog

– How to write a book and get published in [60 days]

– 8 weeks to re-building your relationship & co-creating a new life together

– Learn how to paint on canvas

– How to take better pictures without expensive equipment

– How to use your [Nikon] DSLR camera

– The [family photographer] 101: A course on becoming a great [family photographer]

– Are you staying for dinner? Be prepared to serve a [healthy] meal, any day, with no notice, in less [than 1 hour]

– The art of less chaos: How to organize [your entire house]

– Let's make awesome cookies online: learn how to create [amazing cookies] using [fondant]

– How to prepare a robust business plan for your [health coaching] business

– How to create professional presentations using [Canva]

– How to use Canva for your business

– How to build a network marketing business online

– How to invest in the stock market without losing your shorts

– How to pay off debt, save more money & take more vacations

– How to effectively use [enter any social media network] to market your business online

Does that get your creativity flowing? I love this stuff! I am super happy to throw some ideas at you based on your particular industry if you are really looking to create digital content. Shoot me a comment below about what you do, or comment on my fanpage with hashtag #coursesthatrock and I will spin some pixie dust around and throw some magic back at ya!

If you are ready to get started with your course, make sure to grab my free 8 Step Guide To Creating Your Own Course and go for it (I'd LOVE to see what you come up with).


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