SEO techniques for your blog

These 3 Easy to Implement SEO Techniques for your blog will help you apply some basic changes to your content to increase its chances of being found by Google search.

“If you build it they will come”. Kevin Costner was on to something there when he built that baseball field, but unfortunately not so accurate a statement when it comes to blogging. Many people think if you just put the blog out there and add some posts and content that Google will just share it and people will find it. I wish it were that simple! And to be honest, it isn't actually THAT far fetched since Google's algorithm started picking up more “real content” (versus the overly keyword padded-google fed-articles). But as a blogger, you still got some work to do if you want your blog posts to have a chance at organic visibility.

So today I am going to talk about some easy SEO for your blog (Woah, say easy SEO fast three times! LOL). Just a little, but enough to get you to make some changes and hopefully see better results in your blogging. Ready?

Above all, I say be natural and genuine in your writing. No person wants to read a blog article that repeats itself sometimes beyond making grammatical sense just so it ranks high. If SEO bots are your target audience, you are gonna miss the mark (reaching real customers). Those bot-aimed writing days are gone. You can relax and focus on great content that's at least tailored to one or two focused keywords or key phrases. We are still gonna help Google along with some basic SEO blogging techniques, but you don't need to worry about link farms or any other farm animal you may have heard of.

Do keep in mind that Google engines (and any others you can think of) do not update their records (aka crawl the web) every night just to refresh search results. It usually take weeks (4-6) for any changes to occur in your ranking based on changes made on your blog. In other words, patience is not only a virtue here but also necessary for sanity's sake. And yes, I agree, the process could get lengthy if the changes you made didn't beat the competition and you have to make more, but that is the nature of the game here. to add insult to injury, if you are trying to rank in a highly competitive keyword such as “work from home” or “cars” or even “network marketing”, then you must first and foremost get A LOT MORE specific and creative. Find a niche you can more easily compete in: something like network marketing in Georgia will serve you much better. You get the gist, make your keywords less general and it will improve your visibility.

Here are “3 Easy to Implement SEO Techniques for your blog”:

1- Submit your URL to Google

I know some people say it is worthless to submit your URL to Google because Google prefers to find your content organically. And to a certain extent, that is correct. However, Google won't start crawling your site until it first finds it. I am telling you that my blogs get picked up (indexed) MUCH faster when I submit the URL to Google. And no, I can't explain why and my only proof is in my own results and those of a couple blogs I have built for others. Now that doesn't mean that people looking for your content will find you faster, but it does mean that at least now Google knows you exist and your pages will start getting “crawled” (creepy).

Besides, what do you got to lose? Give it a shot ;-). I use this link to submit my URL to Google. Make sure your blog is ready to submit though, in other words, you have added content to it and it is at the very minimum ready to be seen by visitors (as a baseline).

2- Title, Content & Tags Consistency

When adding posts to your blog you will have a Title to enter, obviously the content, but also towards the right hand side you will see a section called TAGS. These are “keywords”.

Your title becomes part of the blog post URL, such as this one is “ Tip: make sure you go into your Menu and under Settings -> Permanlinks change them to “Post Name” so that it uses your post title in the URL instead of the default setting which is the page number.

 easy seo techniques for your blog

Your title should contain the keyword you are trying to get people to find you by in the search engines. In other words, when a potential visitor types “marinade” in Google's search box, your blog post title should contain the word “marinade” in it for a better chance to rank against other people also writing about “marinade”.

Content: In addition, the keyword “marinade” should also be included in the content of your blog post several times. It helps as well if that keyword is contained as an <h1>, an <h2> and an <h3> inside your content (highlight the keyword and use the “paragraph” drop down arrow to select those Headings and apply to your word). You should also use that keyword in bold and italics in your post. In other words, your article should be long enough to be able to apply these text treatments in several sections but also not overdoing it in terms of too much repetition. The word can be highlighted as part of a sentence too. See bonus section below for a tool that will help ;-).

Tags: Whatever keyword(s) or key phrase you want to optimize and you included in your title, you should also add as a tag. Here you can go to town and add some variations, but unless those exist also in your description then their chances of getting picked up are much lesser (if possible).

3- Make your images work behind the scenes

This is a cool trick here that will also help add to your SEO blog optimization. When you add an image to your blog post, change that image title to reflect your main keyword, and then copy paste that title to the Alt-text field and the description field as well.

BONUS tip: Install the free plugin WordPress SEO by Yoast, it will help you analyze your blog posts before you post them by letting you know what you can do to optimize your article for any particular keyword. 

These are simple basic SEO techniques for your blog that you can implement starting today. There many more advanced SEO related tips and tricks you can do, but if you are working within a specific niche and you are not competing with the entire world (“cars”) then just making these 3 tweaks should product some better ranking results for ya. Try it!


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