I work from home full time and therefore, I get asked this question A LOT: What kinds of businesses can I do from home? There is really no easy answer there, really, because it depends greatly on whether you are looking to invest time, money, or both. And it also depends on how creative you are, or want to be. Some business models are pretty hands off, where others are not. And you got options with very low investment and of course, those that need a larger investment up front. Most will require you market and brand your business so others can find you, and others will also have a learning curve and possibly some schooling :-).

But there are lots of options for entrepreneurs now a days to find a viable home based business. It is up to you to decide what is a good fit. Remember, nothing is easy, and nothing ever happens over night, but with a little bit of research and elbow grease, you could definitely find something you love that you can do from home. The list inside this video is just the beginning, so don't stop there if those don't resonate with you. Most importantly, figure out WHY you want to work from home because if your why is “because you don't want to work so hard”, then, trust me, entrepreneurship is NOT the easy way out! 😉

Hope you got some ideas from the video or at least inspired to do more research! If your heart truly desires this option, you can find a way!!!


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