Here are just 7 key benefits of blogging just off the top of my head:

1- Organic reach: your blog will eventually begin to attract people looking for your content so you don't have to rely on your aunt Sally to refer people to your business. Your business can grow naturally solely because of your content, product or service.

2- Better writer: communication, even in today's social media world, is king! Blogging will help you write better with practice and eventually this can lead to more effective sales letters, more compelling blog posts and more engagement from your audience

3- You own it: we talked about this above. You can write about anything you want with a blog. Even if you don't have a business, you can still start a blog as a hobby, to express yourself or simply for fun. Bottom line is, the content belongs to YOU and you don't have to play by anyone's rules. BUAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAA!

4- Write a book: Did you know that people have written and published books by simply combining all their related blog posts into a book? Yes, it can be done and people to this all the time. So if you start blogging about a subject like “nutrition”, at one point 15-20 blog posts you created during a period of time can be combined into a book about “nutrition”. Or whatever other topic!

5- PINTEREST ANYONE?: With the incredible success of Pinterest, if you are considering selling ANYTHING online, you just HAVE to take a look. And because of how Pinterest works, YOU NEED a blog in order to maximize not only your pinning weight, but also your visibility. How so? Well, EVERY IMAGE you pin should have its own landing page destination. That can easily be done, you guessed it, with a simple blog! These destinations do not need to be lengthy and you do not need to be a professional writer or blogger. But getting people AWAY from Pinterest (through click throughs on your awesome pins) and TO your blog is how you create sales and loyal subscribers. Unless of course, you are not interested in making money from your blog, in which case, carry on :-).

6- Expert status: once your start writing about a topic and get this going for a couple of months on a consistent basis, you will become an expert on this topic to your followers. People will have found you online looking for a particular solution and YOU having a solution to someone else's problem makes you an expert (at least on that topic) in their eyes. And establishing yourself (your brand) as an expert is definitely a plus when building an online business!

7- MONETIZE YOUR BLOG: through blogging you can set up a form to capture emails from those who want to stay up to date on your content. This is your subscribers list. You own it! And if you nurture it well and offer them valuable content on a regular basis, this as they say, is where the money is at – It's in your LIST (and in that kiss too, but that's another topic ;-)). In addition, you can use your blog to include affiliate links from merchants and if you stay on topic, you could make a great side or even full time income. Affiliate marketing is quite an aggressive way to make money, fair warning, however, can only be accomplished via a blogging platform that you own, such as a WordPress blog.

And there are so many more benefits, but those 7 key benefits of blogging have served me well for a long time. 


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