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These are my 8 Blog Content Ideas for Network Marketers.

The second biggest reason most network marketers don't blog (the first being, they think installing a blog is difficult), is CONTENT. What will I talk about on my blog? This is particularly prominent with entrepreneurs who are part of a network marketing company that does not allow marketing of their brand, their products, or their compensation plan. How else will you attract organic traffic looking for what you are selling if you can't mention it's name. I call this the “Harry Potter Marketing Wall” (Get it? Cuz of the “One Who Must Not Be Named”?). :-).

Sometimes my attempts at humor and analogies sort of don't hit the mark. I still gotta try.

Back to blog content ideas for your blog.

Here is something to keep in mind when blogging. People want to learn something from you and for the most part they want to get to know you BEFORE they buy from you. It is RARE that an online shopper will go searching for a product by name and buy it from you on the spot if all your blog contains is product and company information and nothing else. There are two main reasons why: first, if they are searching by name chances are they heard this name from someone they know and they are simply Googling information (which is good!). But second, if they land on your blog and they are not really getting any more information than from the company site itself, well then, they will go back to the person they heard it from (most likely).

Note: If your company DOES allow for the marketing and mentioning of your products and such then BY ALL MEANS DO blog about this. My point is blog about something else along with it!

As a network marketer you already know that the most efficient way to build your business is by helping other entrepreneurs build theirs. And entrepreneurs searching online now a days are quite savvy. The ones who are leaders and have some influence (or potential) in the industry will NOT be attracted to a distributor who offers nothing else on their blog outside of the product information. Period. Leaders look to further their skills in different areas and search for other skilled marketers to partner with.

That said, this opens up a myriad of content possibilities that you could focus on to build and establish a brand for yourself through a nice professional authority blog (outside of your company or products).

To get you started here are 8 blog content ideas you might consider blogging about:

1- Social Media: how to set up social media sites, how to best market, how to place ads, how to connect to people, how to engage an audience. This one in itself can very well be several different blog branding ideas such as – Facebook Coach, Twitter Coach, Pinterest Guide, Instagram Guru etc…

2- Leadership: how to build teams, how to motivate others, how to be a trusted leader, how to lead by example

3- Personal development: book reviews, your recommended list of courses, how to stay motivated

4- Network Marketing: industry trends, shakers and movers in the industry, how to build a network marketing team, discuss all types different comp plans, why company xyz failed, success stories

5- Blogging: how to blog, how to set up a blog, blog content ideas, review themes, live webinars

6- Depending on your product line: start a health & nutrition blog, and exercise blog, a beauty tips blog, a travel guides blog, etc…

7- Check out Blog Topic Generator and get even MORE blog content ideas including the titles!

8- Google 5 different industry leaders and visit their blogs. What are they blogging about? You could find a content niche you too can talk about. Do your own research though.

You may be asking yourself by now… “Ok, but how do I get these folks interested in my network marketing company?” Well, you should have a subscriber list on your blog that people can add their emails to for you to send newsletters or updates. Through that communication, maybe in your signature you can add a link to your company's website. Also, once folks start engaging with your content, they will ask which company you are with and you can share that with them. Plus, with social media built into your blog, chances are pretty high that your visitors will figure out the company you are with pretty quickly! :-).

Find something you are interested in and you know at least something about. You do NOT need to talk about everything, just focus on what appeals to you most and dig in. When someone can learn something from you, they are more likely to respect you and connect with you. Try to avoid the “getting ready to get ready” syndrome thinking you are not an “expert” yet. You do NOT need to know it all, just enough to provide some basic guidance and answer basic questions.

Oh and one last but important word of advice: don't coach people on things you have not had any experience with. I've seen too many “team building coaches” who have never built a successful network marketing team. Just focus on the things you can do and have seen results with. Be authentic and always remain a student of learning so you can continue to grow.


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