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7 Key Benefits of Blogging

Here are just 7 key benefits of blogging just off the top of my head: 1- Organic reach: your blog will eventually begin to attract people looking for your content so you don't have to rely on your aunt Sally to refer people to your business. Your business can grow...

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22 Course Topic Ideas You Can Run With

So you have decided that a digital product can totally work for you and your business model. You have figured out that this will absolutely add leverage and scalability to your business. It will work for you 24x7 and you are excited to make that happen. I couldn't...

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Blog Content Strategy and Organization

Blog Content Strategy and Organization My content strategy rant: Have you landed on a blog before where there was no navigation, no recent posts links anywhere, no introduction, or clear idea of what the blogger was trying to deliver? Or worse, the blog was like a Las...

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5 Home Business Ideas To Look Into & Why

I am asked pretty often for ideas to generate money from home, or rather “I wish I had ad additional stream of income, how the heck do you do it”, followed by “I am not a sales person though”. In the meantime, they do nothing and choose to complain about it. Sigh. If someone does come up with the magic formula of making money without doing anything or spending any money YOU HAVE MY PERMISSION TO CALL ME and tell me about it. Must be legal (LOL).

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How To Add Optin Forms To Your Blog

How To Add Optin Forms To Your Blog If you are building your business with a blog, the most crucial component it must contain is an Optin Form. An Optin form collects your visitors' name and email information (and sometimes more) and adds them to a subscriber's list...

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OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress

OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress Disclaimer: As of today's day 2/20/2015 and until further notice right here, I am NOT currently an affiliate of OptimizePress. If I should get around to it I would like to apply though, LOL. For now, I just love using...

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