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How To Add Icons To Your WordPress Menu

How To Add Icons To Your WordPress Menu It's the little things that totally get me all giddy about blog design. Like those ADORABLE little icons some people have on their navigation bar next to their menu links. Like mine here below. They add no particular value or...

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5 Ways To Drive Organic Visitors To Your Blog

Ways To Drive Organic Visitors To Your Blog First, I will explain what "organic visitors" means. These are visitors that come visit your blog via UNPAID means. Meaning, they didn't click on any kind of paid advertising to find you. Instead they followed a link on...

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8 Blog Content Ideas For Network Marketers

These are my 8 Blog Content Ideas for Network Marketers. The second biggest reason most network marketers don't blog (the first being, they think installing a blog is difficult), is CONTENT. What will I talk about on my blog? This is particularly prominent with...

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Why should I blog

Maybe "should" is too strong a word. I am thinking that title could be more like "why would you want to blog". Blogging is really a personal choice. It is another social media tool, much like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are. The advantage of blogging over those...

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How to start a blog

Blogging is by far my favorite part of building my business. Probably because I get to design it myself and it gives me room for a lot of creative expression. But also because I really enjoy writing and with a blog I can write about the things I love the most,...

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