Thank you for your interest in working with Crisbella Designs. I primarily hire developers and designers for projects that involve WordPress design and development type work. If you are an agency, or work for an agency, please do not apply. I only work with individual contractors/freelancers.

We may be a good fit if: you are easy to get along with, flexible in your work schedule, responsive to calls emails and questions, experienced in the areas you apply for, you are open to feedback and making changes as requested/suggested (without feeling hurt or annoyed), can handle humor, agree to disagree sometimes, and perhaps most importantly, you are a happy individual who loves working with people. I am not looking to be BFFs, BUT, I am looking for someone with a cool and positive attitude that I can get along with.

We are probably not a good fit if: you are always complaining, you stress easily, your days are noting but doom and gloom, you don't really enjoy your work, you rather not talk to anyone and you don't take direction at all (your way or the highway?). If you can relate to this type of personality, sorry, I just can't see this working well :(.

Note: All work is project based at the moment, however, this may change in the near future so don't hesitate to apply either way. 

The hiring process is as follows:

1- You will first complete the application below.

2- If your information matches what I am looking for, I will contact you to arrange for a 20 minute phone or Skype call. This call will include some behavioral based questions to make sure we are a good fit.

3- Depending on decision and role, prior to us working together, you may be asked to complete a short development task involving WordPress (you will be paid for your time). This will be used strictly for internal purposes only and not for completing any client related work.


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Please use an average range of your COMPLETED projects. I realize costs vary according to requirements.
Please use an average range of your COMPLETED projects. I realize costs vary according to requirements.

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