Facebook Vs Blogging
Facebook Vs Blogging:  3 Reasons Why Blogging Wins

Facebook now a days is pretty much the standard “go to” solution for creating a presence online FAST. However, if you consider matching up Facebook vs Blogging you will discover (eventually) that adding your own branded blog to the mix will HANDS DOWN BEAT ONLY HAVING A FACEBOOK PAGE any day in the long run. Here are, just off the top of my noggin, a few reasons why:

Facebook vs Blogging Strike 1- You not only have to PAY Facebook to get some fans, but once you get them, now you have to PAY FACEBOOK AGAIN to ensure they actually see your posts. Booooo! With a blog, you can post content ANY TIME you want WITHOUT having to pay TWICE for someone to read it. The more content you post, the higher the chances your organic reach will expand and start attracting visitors FOR FREE. And yeah, yeah I know you are thinking you still may need to pay to get visitors over to your blog, but then that's it, if you get their attention and they want to stay, they will subscribe. See #2 below!

Facebook vs Blogging Strike 2- Your Fanpage “likes” BELONG TO FACEBOOK. Your blog subscribers, AKA your list, BELONGS TO YOU. You've experienced all the changes Facebook goes through month after month right? Pretty soon we will have to pay just to have a page or a profile…go ahead, take this as a prediction! Besides the ridiculous fact that then you buy ads for “likes”, Facebook often feeds you worthless likes that do nothing for your page (Washington Post article).

Disclaimer: This is not to talk you out of buying Facebook likes, I still buy them myself. This is ONLY to encourage you to look for a tighter system to secure your fans & take ownership of the subscribers you gain from your own marketing efforts.

Facebook vs Blogging Strike 3- Facebook offers you a tiny bitty cover space to brand your business. On your blog you have an entire, easy to navigate, open space to allow you to air all your laundry (clean or dirty or both) any way you want. #WINNING!

Moral of the story (and best solution)? Don't shut down your Facebook page: BUT GET A BLOG! You actually DO need Facebook to help with brand visibility and credibility. But once you GET (or BUY) the ‘like', you should be encouraging all your fans to head over to your blog and SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR LIST. Once on your list, who cares if they see your posts or not, just email what you need them to read. Heck, direct them TO your Facebook page to comment or like on posts so your page will display more content to them. But at least you didn't have to PAY to send them that email, right?

In addition, sending your fans from Facebook to your blog will help solidify their connection to you. On your blog they will be able to read much more about you and what you do than they can read about you on Facebook. It helps with brand credibility immensely as well. I ALWAYS look for the website link on people's fan pages to see their site. I am looking for the whole package if I am going to trust or even give my money to anyone.

So, if you don't have a blog yet, GET ONE. And if you have a blog already, START sending your Facebook fans to it so they can SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR LIST!




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