I see this question often inside private groups, and I always type of the steps to help. So I thought I would just create a post for this to make it easier (for me and for you since I can include pictures!):

How to create a PDF download from your WordPress blog

I would say in 99% of the situations YOU created this .pdf and would like to offer it as a download to your visitors. But your .pdf is located somewhere on your hard drive where obviously people who don't have access to your computer can't get to. There are several ways to create a pdf download from your WordPress Blog, and in this blog post, I will cover one of them:

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How To Create a .PDF Download From Your WordPress Blog

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The simplest way to create a download to a pdf from your WordPress blog is to:


  1. From your Dashboard, hover over Media then click Add New (Alternate: you can also click Media, then select Add New from either the left menu or the top button)
    .How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog
  2. Click on the Select Files button to browse for the .PDF you want to link to. (Alternate: you can also “drag and drop the files onto the screen by opening your File Explorer or Finder {Mac}. You will need to make your WordPress screen “un-maximized” so both windows can be viewed at the same time)
    ..How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog
  3. Find or browse for the .PDF you wish to upload from your computer folders. Select it, then Click Open to import it into your Media Library
    .How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog
  4. Locate your uploaded .pdf file in your Media Library (will be at the top left of all images) and Single Click on it to view its Properties. Or if you see an Edit button right away, click that!
    The file's properties will be shown inside a window on the right side of your screen. Find the URL field (first field) and TRIPLE CLICK inside this field to highlight the full URL address of the file. (If it's blue, it's highlighted)
    .How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog
  5. With the URL field highlighted use CTRL+C from your PC to Copy the entire URL address (use Command + C on a Mac). Close the properties window using the X on the top right of that window.
  6. Open a Word, Note Pad or even a New Blog Post and PASTE the URL there for later reference. This is the link you will use as a hyperlink to allow your users to automatically download your PDF when they click on it.
  7. When you are ready to use this link inside a post or page, you can either add a hyperlink to an image (like a call to action button “Download My .PDF) or hyperlink any text.Linking an IMAGE: Click the image button or CTA image and select the pencil edit icon to open the edit Window.
    1. Look for the Link To field and click on the down arrow to select the Custom URL option
      .How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog
    2. A URL field will become visible. Paste the URL (Ctrl + P on PC – Command + P on Mac) into the URL field and click Update (bottom right button)
    3. That is it!

Linking Text: If you wish to add the .pdf hyperlink to text instead, treat it like you would create any text hyperlink

  1. Highlight the text you wish to link the .PDF to.
  2. Click on the paperclip (hyperlink) icon on your menu (OR, use Ctrl + K on PC – Command + K on Mac) to open the hyperlink editor, and Paste (Ctrl + P on PC – Command + P on Mac) the URL inside the Paste URL or type to search field.
  3. Click the blue enter arrow and your text should now be a hyperlink to your .pdf download!
    How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog

Instead of just giving away the .pdf, you can turn it into a subscriber opt-in by creating this Call to Action or Hyperlink text inside a separate Thank You page. Then use this Thank You page as the page your email marketing directs people after they confirm their subscription.

As a bonus, you can download this quick step by step guide above so you can follow along. No opt-in required :-).

how to create a .pdf download from your WordPress blog

And that's How To Link a .PDF From Your WordPress Blog


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