blog graphicsSay What???

That is right, you can create awesome graphics, even business cards, for yourself and your business for free and I am going to show you where to do that.

You see, I always design my own stuff. I am a graphic designer and own those software tools, so it just feels natural and easy. But then I get asked how I did this, or that and I get tongue tied. As much as I want to help you all be uber successful with your blogs and stuff, I just can't easily replicate THAT part of it. The software I use (Adobe Fireworks) is a bit pricey and not a reasonable expense, in my opinion, that one should endure when starting a business. For starters, there are other things you should be spending your money on, and second, I truly believe you will be more successful if you focus on what you do best and leave the graphics to the experts or at least keep it minimal.

That said, I have kept searching and searching for a solution not only for you guys, but also something I would actually use MYSELF on a regular basis. If I can't bring myself to use it for my own stuff then I can't really recommend it. Granted, I will likely continue to also use my own graphic designs because well, I am stubburn and addicted to creating, but when you check this thing out, you are going to BE SO HAPPY you ever came across this blog post! Particularly if you were looking for a free graphics design software, LOL.

Ok, so before I share the link with you, just a caveat I should mention: It is FREE, however, if you use any of their royalty imagery, then you pay for those and it will let you know (they are only $1, but fyi). If you happen to be a photographer then you are in luck and I would HIGHLY recommend you just used your own images instead. It is UBER EASY to replace theirs with yours and get the same results. Plus, you will be showcasing your own stuff throughout your blog and that's always cool and helps build your brand.

If you are NOT a photographer, don;t worry, MANY of the graphics do not contain actual photos and those are still free. And if they DO contain photos, they are only $1 so it is still a STEAL.

Lastly, I am not affiliated at the time of this post with this company nor do I get anything for referring you. So. READY TO PLAY? Head over to and start creating! Leave me a note if you so totally love it like I do! CHEERS and ENJOY!



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