Is It Hard to Build Your Network Marketing Business With A Blog?

Is It Hard To Build A Network Marketing Business With A Blog?

As a blog coach my solid answer to that is… YES! Haha. I bet you weren't expecting that answer, were ya? Maybe “hard” is not the right word, but it is definitely “harder” to build a network marketing business with a blog than to build your business traditionally, you know: talking to friends, having people over, maybe meeting at a coffee shop. Things like that.

I have tried building my business that way (traditionally) and it simply wasn't a good fit for ME. Primarily, I just don't want to be gone from my home at prime time (when my family is home), but second, I simply LOVE blogging and writing and the whole optimization experience. I love seeing my site stats go up little by little as I consistently build upon certain keywords. I have always employed VERY BASIC SEO techniques for my network marketing business and it has worked just fine.

What does it take? How do I do it? Well, it takes just 4 foundational things:

1- A self hosted blog: They don't have to be expensive. I use godaddy and pay under $60 a year including domain. In fact THIS blog was $12 for a year WITH the domain name. Why use a self hosted blog? Well, because you cannot actually advertise a business on a free WordPress public domain. That's a deal breaker if you are looking to blog about your network marketing business. So invest in a self hosted blog!

2- Discipline: If you are new to blogging then you need to learn a few technical basics – which plugins will add the functionality you need, what widgets can do for engagement, how to add subscribers and how to optimize your blog enough to have it picked up ASAP by the Google search engine. I can get my blogs picked up in 1-2 weeks or less. I don't say this to brag, I posted even how here “3 Easy to Implement SEO Techniques for Your Blog“. I say this to emphasise that with the proper tools and a little time dedicated to learning, it can be done. If you want to succeed at blogging, That's about the jest of it. Blog often. Daily is great! If not daily, at least weekly. More than that and Google will forget about ya, and so will your followers. Before you start your blogging you have to commit to it for at least 6 months to see results.

3- A brand: Your OWN brand, not your company's. This is highly important because in a sea of thousands of representatives selling the same exactly product, YOU must stand out from the crowd. It is OK to attract visitors to your blog through posts related to the company or its products (I do it – although it's not 100% of my content), but the choice to stay or better yet become a customer of yours will be based on how well you have branded yourself and the appeal that brand has to your target audience. Make it interesting and different from what everyone else is doing and you got yourself a leg up on the competition. Of course, having a blog will already be a leg up but the good ol' “if you build it they will come” doesn't apply here. Unfortunately.

4- A content strategy: Content matters. Not only will the right content help your blog bubble up fast in Google (with proper optimization), but it will keep visitors coming and RETURNING. I always say content is KING and design is QUEEN. Both are equally important, where content gets you the visitors and design encourages them to stick around. So a solid content strategy depending on your skills combined with your product/service related topics will help solidify to the success of your blog. For example, if you sell beauty products your blog would attract that audience if your content revolves around “how to apply different products”, “research and information on ingredients”, “comparison blogs”, “product reviews” (not only on your product as this will seem biased, but include other products as well). Your goal is to be fair and educated about the topics you blog about.

Is It Hard to Build Your Network Marketing Business With A Blog?That's about what it takes really. The rest is just “how to techy stuff” that you can pick up in a course or on YouTube. Of course, those 3 things aren't “easy”. As you might already realize, setting up your blog can be a daunting experience, especially if you struggle with computers. And setting everything up takes time. In network marketing taking TOO MUCH TIME is your enemy. Hitting the floor running is VERY IMPORTANT not only to your success but to your excitement level. You will want results right away in order to keep the momentum going for yourself. Starting your business blogging will NOT get you off the ground quickly. I recommend you DO have that infamous list ready so you can call a handful of folks and invite them to check out your program or product. It's ok, the worse they will say is NO and THAT's OK! Always remember they are saying NO to the product or business and not to YOU personally (well, at least this last part is true 95% of the time LOL).

As a blog coach my recommendation when building a blog to promote your network marketing business is: start traditionally first BUT consider blogging too. Adding a blog as part of your business marketing strategy is not only smart but also an amazing tool to continue your business expansion BEYOND your immediate market. I haven't enrolled a cousin in YEARS! :-).

I will be launching my BLOG CAMP course this Spring. I don't have a date as of today HOWEVER if you subscribe to my list above you will get an update when it's ready. If you are looking to learn how to blog to grow your network marketing business online, then definitely you don't want to miss this for it will save you HOURS, WEEKS and TONS OF $$ learning how to get a blog off the ground and running, with design, banners and most importantly: content strategy. In other words, you will get the works.

In the meantime you can check out my Blogging 101 video course here. It's free and you will at least get a feel for my training style and see if it would suit you. That course covers HOW to install a self hosted blog using Godaddy and it gives you a complete overview of the administrative office. I also show you how to publish content and apply a theme. It is over ONE HOUR of solid content. CHECK IT OUT HERE.


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