Introducing: Entrepreneur Inspired Coffee Mugs!

This is my FIRST entrepreneur inspired coffee mug design. It is my favorite phrase, other than “living the dream” (that's coming next!). When I left (or was let go) in 2016 from Corporate America after 20 years of employment, the change┬áto self employment was quite a roller coaster. Elated, excited, hopeful and free one minute, scared, nervous, skeptical and self-defeating the next. But NEVER wanting to quit. I think that's how many entrepreneurs feel in this journey and that's why “Loving the Grind”, with the understated notion┬áthat coffee helps, is quite accurate for me!

Perfect gift for someone who is grinding, loving the grind, just started grinding, loves coffee or could just use the acknowledgment that we are in it to win it! #GrindOn


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