The Awesome Factor has launched!

I am very pleased to share that my new and long awaited book release is now a reality. You can now order The Awesome Factor: An Inspiring Guide For Embracing Your Greatness And Pursuing Your Dream Business on Amazon or through your favorite retailer.

Writing The Awesome Factor has long been a dream of mine. Years of research, learning and application led me to the content of this book. This book has all I know about letting your awesome factor shine through: From finding your skills and feeling inspired to believe in yourself, to learning the tools to turn it into a business online.

Admittedly, the words didn't flow all that easily at first. In fact, it took almost two years to get it all out of my head and organized just the right way into the book. I too was faced with obstacles, self doubt, and the challenge of everyday life. But I decided I needed to persevere. I decided I needed to stay focused and finish this book. Not just for me, but for the many women (and men) I have come across in my years online who need to hear this message and get their booties into action!The Awesome Factor

I wrote this with you in mind. I answer every question  in this book that anyone who has watched me build my businesses online and wanted to know how the heck I do this has asked me before. I even interviewed a few ladies going through different stages of building their own businesses to illustrate how each of us has a different approach, are at different stages of our businesses, but we all have one thing in common: passion, purpose and most important “never ever giving up”..

I'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback on The Awesome Factorand even better: your questions! Head over to Amazon to order the book today. It is available in several formats: paperback, hardcover and Kindle version. Choose your favorite format and enjoy!


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