maximizing blog seoMaybe more like #secretnotsecret lol, BUT, if you aren't aware of these steps to optimize your blog content with every post then it is definitely NEW SAUCE to you!

I am always asked how I can get my business blogs to rank so fast and quickly on Google. I don't use any superhero tactics, nor do I consider myself an SEO “expert”. And you will never get an email from me asking you (or anyone) for a link exchange. So basically here is how I do it:

1- When I write I am writing to ONE person, not to a bunch of people like an audience. This helps me keep my content very focused and human. Plus it helps me visualize so it is easier to pretend I am actually talking to a person. I also do not write with search robots in mind. We've all read those posts completely stuffed with keywords that often make zero grammatical sense. I don't do that. If my posts aren't grammatically correct, it's because I wrote it wrong (and I likely could use a grammar lesson) but not for the purpose of optimization. LOL.

(Although this step alone will make you look all friendly to Google, unfortunately you do need more sauce. Keep reading.)

2- After making sure my blog is indexed by Google, I craft every post by focusing only on it's own keywords in mind. You see, there are two types of SEO that must be done: your actual website meta tags plus indexing it properly so it gets picked up in the first place (I will write a post on this asap), AND the optimization of your content (posts and pages) so that it is prioritized correctly in the Google library and served in query results to your prospective readers. So when I optimize my content, I don't necessarily focus on using keywords like “web design” (like I would if I am optimizing my website), but instead I would use whatever keywords I am writing about in the particular article. In this article you are reading, for instance, I would use keywords such as “SEO”, “Optimization”, etc…And this is what I cover in my video below.

Inside this video I explain the steps that I follow every time I want to (SEO) optimize a post for a particular keyword. I know that sentence sounds funny because why wouldn't I prioritize every single post? Well, I just don't need to or want to. It really depends on what I am writing about and sometimes I just want to write away then simply share on social instead of trying to organically rank everything.

But I digress. Here is the video. These (very easy) steps have always made a difference to me and I am sure they will also make a difference to you as well.

Let me if you learn anything you didn't know about before in the comments. I would love your feedback on how useful this was to you. THANKS! 


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