OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress

OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress

Disclaimer: As of today's day 2/20/2015 and until further notice right here, I am NOT currently an affiliate of OptimizePress. If I should get around to it I would like to apply though, LOL. For now, I just love using these products and I'd be remiss not to recommend them regardless of any monetary reward.

I decided to apply OptimizePress to a couple of my blogs this and I am SO GLAD THAT I DID! So I am going to show you  a couple of OptimizePress Site Examples, and How I Use OptimizePress on my blogs, and My OptimizePress review.

I love designing new blogs. My husband and I each have our own business so we each have a blog (except me, I have 2-3 blogs). I very desperately needed a clean layout and landing page for his business blog (pink and teal wasn't going to do it). I guess guys prefer black, blue or white. It needed to be an open space but also with a layout HE could learn to manipulate. I think this may have to do with control issues or something, but I digress. I get it though. I like being in charge of my own stuff too so it does make sense to me.

All the themes I tried were beautiful (some pretty pricey) and offered great options for displaying your content and such, however, none offered this drop and drag page builder functionality that OptimizePress offers. Try laying out a page in WordPress with different elements without CSS or html knowledge. Nightmare. Especially if you are not a coder.

My first OptimizePress review is that it is super easy to use and has endless options for adding elements that can make your site look organized and totally professional. But my favorite part is the landing page layouts. They give you a handful of ready made templates to design any optin page you need (promote a book, a video, a webinar, you name it…). And of course, you can also delete, edit or add your own elements to any pre-built template. Now a days I build most of the pages from scratch. You can't go wrong with dragging and dropping things. And it truly looks really great. And bonus, it integrates beautifully and seamlessly with many popular email marketing tools (aweber, mailchimp, constant contact, etc…) as well as paypal and other gateways.

We are currently working on a new sales funnel for my husband's business blog, but the intro video is not quite finalized yet. However, here is a snap shot of it, and you can also check out his blog (http://QuantumLifeCoaching.com) so you can see the OptimizePress theme used there.

This is his video intro page into one of his programs

OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress: How I Use OptimizePress

This is the follow up page we created with OptimizePress. Pretty cool right?

OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress: How I Use OptimizePress

The company offers the full OptimizePress theme and it also offers a plugin you can install to create the same pages and landing pages but using YOUR OWN theme. That's definitely a win-win. This very blog you are on uses a different theme (although I might switch it up to OptimizePress). I DO use the OptimizePress plugin PLUS the OptimizePress Membership plugin for my Blog Bootcamp membership area (coming soon).

Here is a snapshot of a page on this blog (my course) I built using the OptimizePress plugin

OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress: How I Use OptimizePress

I don't yet have a sample of the membership funnel to show you because it is currently under development, however, once that is built you can of course simply find the image of my Blog Boot Camp on this blog and take a look at it. The OptimizePress membership plugin allows you to separate your content into different membership levels and secure it. It integrates with paypal so it is very easy to maintain and for me to add content to the different membership levels. I love it!

Ok so if you found this post because you were already considering OptimizePress and you wanted to see some “live” examples, here you go. TOTALLY WORTH IT! And if you are new to blogging and you are looking for a theme that offers you open space, lots of functionality and landing pages and such, then definitely check it out. Obviously they talk about their own product much better than I can so go watch their video and see if this would be a good fit for YOUR blog!


And as always thanks for reading “OptimizePress Review: How I Use OptimizePress”. By the way, notice how I add this thank you note at the bottom of all my posts? It includes my keywords and it helps with SEO (Freebie SEO tip. Boom!). Comment or share if you enjoyed my post. Be well!




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