SEO tricksSEO Tricks you can apply to your blog posts today.

SEO tricks to optimize your content are a dime a dozen, I know. But these ain't no black market SEO tricks. I am going to show you 3 very effective SEO tricks that will significantly improve your Google positioning (granted that your keywords are focused on a niche you can compete in and not totally vague).

1- Don't just add your keywords in your Title wherever they fit

Instead, try to work your keywords at the beginning of your titles. Use a colon to smooth the transition such as on this very blog post “SEO tricks (which is my keyword phrase): 3 Ways To Write Content For Maximum Findability”. 

2- The beginning is a great place to start… however

You probably know by now that you should include your keywords in the first sentence of your content, plus slap an <h2> treatment around them as well. But, you should also mention your keywords inn the last sentence of your blog post. If it doesn't feel appropriate to bring it up again try something like :”Thank you for reading my “SEO Tricks…” <- enter your blog title.

3- Let your images be the heavy

Adding images to your blog posts for aesthetic purposes is a great habit to get into. Your audience will appreciate a break in the monotony of just text. But make sure you put them to work by editing both the image “title” and the “Alt Text” fields and adding your keywords in there.

Those are 3 big hitters that aren't so readily known out there. There are tons of SEO Tricks, and really you do NOT have to implement them all to get pretty decent results. Let me tell you something, I built my network marketing business up to a 6 figure income STRICTLY by blogging. And I didn't have any linkbacks or anything like that. I focused on keyword rich content in the right places on my post. I was able to generate 800-1000 visits a day to my blog by using these 3 SEO Tricks as well as some other basic SEO techniques you can read about here. But truly at the end of the day, finding a niche you can compete in and writing content your audience wants to read is truly the key to any blog's success (with some focus on SEO of course).

I highly recommend you don't go at this alone though. Try installing an SEO plugin into your WordPress blog to help you identify how else you could optimize your post. Two I recommend are “All-In-One-SEO” and “Yoast by WordPress“. Both are free and easy to use plugins. From your plugin menu, just search for them by name to find them. You only need one of them. I use Yoast currently.

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