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“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” - Coco Chanel

If content is KING, then design is QUEEN… and we all know who rules! { 🙂 humor}.

Actually, your website should contain a balanced combination of both: design and content.

I work with independent entrepreneurs in the service industry looking for a professional, and experienced web designer. I work with clients 1:1 and do all my own design work in my home studio. My work includes everything you will need for your website: premium design, logo, email marketing integration, SEO, training and more…

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I offer a maintenance back-up and security plan for all my clients who wish to leave the technical stuff to me once their website is completed. Please note if you are not an existing client I will need to review your website first to ensure your theme and set up is something I can efficiently support.


» Regular backups

» Updates to all themes & plugins

» 1 hour technical support each month (content edits, image swaps, questions, etc…)

» Security checks for vulnerabilities & clean-up

I offer monthly ($49/mo), quarterly $130/quarter (save $17), and yearly price $500 (almost 2 months free!)


Don't have time to layout your articles and ensure all tags, categories and images are well displayed? Or maybe you just want to write the content and have someone else manage this piece? This package is for you. PS: if you wish for this content to ALSO be SEO optimized, please review my SEO packages below instead.

This includes:

» Laying out a full article (that you send me via email) to fit perfectly with your current theme. Spaced right, with the right images aligned, categories assigned and tags identified (you provide keywords to emphasize).

» Publishing article or scheduling post for a later date. This would be useful if we are working on 4-5 articles at one time.

Costs: $25 per article*. 5% discount on pre-paid sets of 5+. No time limit (you can buy 5 articles today then send them to me as they are written).

*Please note this does NOT include any SEO, research or changes to your content for optimization. See my SEO packages if you wish for me to include SEO.

Contact me below to request maintenance or support for your WordPress blog.


I understand that sometimes you don't want someone to “do it for you”, or hire a VA or a web person. You just want someone to “just teach YOU how to do things!”. PLUS, you want this to be 1:1 training for your specific needs or theme instead of having to watch a generic video, or buy yet, another course! I get it, and that's what my 1:1 Training Sessions are about.


1- Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with me first so we can discuss what you would like to learn about your WordPress blog or social media network. This will help YOU decide if we are a good match for your learning style. It will also help me make sure I can teach you what you are looking to learn before you spend a dime. This free consultation is via phone.

2- Our actual TRAINING session will be via Zoom which offers video + screen share options so we can work hands on either on your computer or mine. I am not just going to tell you, we are going to DO IT!

I will give you an estimate ahead of time of how long I think it will take to teach you what you are looking for. It will depend on how many items you need to learn and how fast a learner you feel you are :-). I will have a good idea during our consultation of how long to plan for and we can decide together how much time you wish to allow.

Private 1:1 training sessions currently start at $75/hr*

What type of things can you ask me about? Almost anything WordPress related:

  • How to use and work with your WordPress theme
  • Where to make changes or specific changes to your WordPress blog
  • How to add any type of content (video, images, text, podcasts, music…)
  • How to adjust theme settings and work with your layout
  • How to optimize an article
  • How to add links
  • How to work with images (on your blog and preparing them outside your blog)
  • How do you…[fill in the blank] in your WordPress blog
  • How to use a social network to maximize my marketing reach (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest)

And much more. You make a list of what your needs are and we will review it during our 15 minute session so I can recommend a learning plan for you!

Private 1:1 training sessions currently start at $75/hr*

*10% discount on 2+ hour purchased blocks & future orders. Example: If you hire me for 2 hours = $150 – ($150 x .10) = $135

Contact me directly for availability and scheduling


I realize that sometimes one just needs the foundation from which they can get going with their blog. I am happy to assist in that regard and offer TWO options to help you setup and install a self hosted WordPress Blog with the domain of your choice.


» Simply watch my free 3 part WordPress Installation video tutorials which will walk you through getting a domain + installing your blog + applying a responsive theme. I use and recommend SiteGround and that is what this video tutorial references.

OPTION TWO: Done for you WordPress Installation

» Don't want to even go there? I get it, no problem. I can take care of installing your WordPress blog for you.

Cost: $100 for WordPress installations. Please mention “WP installation” in the contact form below to get started and schedule a quick chat.



This service includes optimizing WordPress content* to increase chances of improving search engine ranking, primarily focused on Google. SEO success requires consistency and regular blogging. This package assumes most of the heavy lifting of laying out and optimizing your content so you can focus on your business.

*I do not create content, I take your written articles (old or new) and research the best keywords to optimize it with and re-arrange it in such matter as to maximize its results.

Here is what it includes:

» 1 (15-30 minute) project SEO strategy sessions each month to review SEO + content goals + upcoming new posts planned. It focuses on your website SEO goals so we can optimize its ranking in Google.

» Blog posts SEO: Each post article you provide me is SEO optimized with proper tags and metadata titles, including optimizing imagery.


Sold in Sets

Cost: $225 for a set of 3 articles | $425 for a set of 6 articles | or $90 for individual articles

Please contact me first to discuss your needs and my availability.



If you are looking to have your website indexed by Google (maybe search engines are not picking your site up yet? or not correctly?) then this is the package you should consider investing in first.

This includes:

» 1 (30 minute) SEO strategy to review existing content plus go over SEO keywords and phrases you wish your website to be indexed for.

» Google index via Webmaster tools: Preparing and submitting your website to Google search.

» Up to 6 pages of SEO: I will optimize up to 4 pages of your choice for the keyword strategy reviewed during our session. $75 each additional page needed. Typically 4 pages of optimization is a good start.

» 30 days analytics to tweak and add keywords as need to ensure results.

SEO is not a one time set it and forget it thing. You must continue tracking trends, adding content and adding links back to your website from high ranked sites and social networks. Also, due to the continuously changing nature of algorithms, SEO specific ranking results can not be guaranteed. Also, it takes time to see results, typically 4-6 weeks.

Cost: $500 (includes 4 pages). Add +$75 per page post set-up that you wish to optimize.


Don't want to bother with a designer and wish to try to give it a go on your own? No sweat! I created this modular video course just for you :-). And if you are not quite sure afterwards if you can accomplish your goals, no problem, I will apply a full credit towards the purchase of any of my design packages!

Lessons included:

» WordPress Installation Steps

» Theme Set-up

» Posts & Creating Content

» Pages

» Plugins + Widgets

» Bonus videos: Graphics and SEO


Not sure you need a package, or which one, or maybe you want to see if you could do it yourself with some guidance? No problem, let's chat and see what you are struggling with and I am more than happy to offer some direction :-).

Consultations are 30 minutes in the areas of either:

» Wordpress Design

» Search Engine Optimization

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“Working with Aymee has been a real treat. I had a really bad experience with a web developer in the past, and I had to make the decision to start my website project all over again. Now I am so glad I did. I didn't know what to expect anymore and I was scared to fall into the wrong hands again, but I just knew I could do much better, and I was right.

I was so relieved when I met Aymee, she came as a blessing! She immediately understood what i wanted, and helped me bring my website vision to life. She also gave me lots of valuable ideas for content and design of my website. The project was completed way sooner than I expected, and I absolutely love the results. I look forward to continuing working with her for my upcoming website needs.”

Jimena Lerma

Holistic Nutrition & Health Coach, Jimena Lerma

Contact me so we can talk about your project!


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