Ways To Drive Organic VisitorsWays To Drive Organic Visitors To Your Blog

First, I will explain what “organic visitors” means. These are visitors that come visit your blog via UNPAID means. Meaning, they didn't click on any kind of paid advertising to find you. Instead they followed a link on Facebook (on your timeline) or searched a few keywords on Google that returned your blog post as a result, or maybe followed a link inside an email.

Most bloggers simply live and die looking for ways to drive organic visitors to their blogs? Why?? Well, primarily cuz they are free, lol. But also because the means that your word is getting out there and folks are finding you on their own! This is great for your ranking as well as for your marketing dollars. Especially awesome if you are just starting out and your budget is tight.

Of course, it isn't super easy to drive organic visitors. It definitely isn't easy to do it through Google search. This requires implementing some SEO techniques to your content, and a lot of patience. But while Google crawls the internet in search for your awesome content, there are other Ways To Drive Organic Visitors over to your blog.  

1- Search for popular bloggers in an industry that your audience would also be interested in, that of course is related to yours, and comment on posts that appeal to you. Make sure your comments are graceful, offer value to that blogger's community and are not self serving. Genuinely supporting other folks will come back around. Look for blogs that allow you to enter your website or even better a link back to your last blog post is automatically added as part of your signature. See tip#2 for how to do this.

2- Install CommentLuv Plugin into your WordPress blog: This plugin encourages readers to leave a comment by automatically identifying their latest blog post on their own blog based on the website address they submit in order to add their comment. Much like you are commenting and supporting your community in #1, others will soon begin to return the favor. Be patient and keep writing great content!

3- Share your posts publicly. A lot of new bloggers try to rely on Google to find their content just because it is published. It doesn't happen this way (ding it!). You must toot your own horn here and publish your articles on several social media sites. You can start with Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends/followers to “like it” or leave you a comment. This engagement will help you spread the word indirectly through your fans over to their friends as well. Don't worry, it's not intrusive and this is how social media works!

4- Email your list either your last blog post or the last 3. If you have a blog but do not yet have a subscriber list, then YOU MUST START ONE. Check my blog for an upcoming article coming soon called “How to add a subscriber form to your blog”.

5- If you know anyone in your industry who does have a list, you can ask him/her to send a link to your blog post to their list in exchange for the same favor or maybe even allowing them to post a guest blog post in your blog. This will give them some visibility as well. Always offer a win-win situation that matches what you are asking for. Bloggers are very protective of their subscribers and any information that is emailed must be totally related to what their subscribers are expecting to get. Make sure your articles are value driven.

There are lots of creative ways to get more traffic to your blog that do not revolve around paid advertising. Do you know of other creative ways to drive traffic to your blog? Leave it in the comments below!

If you liked this post comment and share away. I check out all my visitor's comments and websites and will return the favor. Don't have your own blog yet? Make sure you go watch my Blogging 101 course and get one started today!

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