will the real you please stand upBook Review: Will The Real You Please Stand Up

Book author Kim Garst from BoomSocial

I am in the process of publishing my own book in the next few weeks. This process has been pretty educational and exhausting to say the least. One the highlights for me has been finding other women's work in the self-made entrepreneurial world. My focus is to inspire and motivate women, or anyone with a dream, to fight and take a chance at sharing their greatness with others.

Kim Garst is an example of someone who does just that: inspires. She is the co-founder of BoomSocial, a professional social media marketing firm that teaches small business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers and managers about Traffic, Engagement, Conversion and Content.

But her work goes beyond a typical shopping cart. Her blog and fanpage offer daily value in the form of inspiration, free downloads, valuable content you can apply instantly and she has a great following because of it.

In her book Will The Real You Please Stand Up: Show up, be authentic and prosper in social media, she discusses the impacts of what being authentic online can do for your brand. In fact, the book is a great exercise on how this can be achieved and it offers several creative ideas and also pitfalls to avoid that any entrepreneur should consider.

Being an authentic marketer, as Kim refers to it on her book, is definitely something all entrepreneurs should strive for. Kim explains how being authentic is more than just acting the part. After all being and doing are two different things to your public. I loved reading the particular section where she covers the difference and the impact one has over the other. The whole book is an easy read and offers plenty of applicable content.

If you are an entrepreneur and aspire to create a loyal authentic brand online that your visitors will rave about, then Kim's book is definitely worth your time! You can grab a copy of Will the Real You Please Stand Up: Show Up, Be Authentic, and Prosper in Social Media or download the Kindle version instead.

Cool development: I used this blog post to record one of the modules in my upcoming Blog Camp video series and while looking for a video to add, I came across this AWESOME video interview between Kim Garst and business coach Ali Brown. Total gem of a video! In it Ali talks about entrepreneurship, the importance of building a personal brand, her working from home experience and other fun anecdotes. 35 plus solid minutes of great content. MUST.WATCH!


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