blog big or go homeYour Business Making You Feel Frustrated? 5 Tips to Regain Focus

Having one of those days when you feel like things just aren't looking as bright in your business? Ugh. I confess I have those days too. I am pretty sure everyone who is in business for themselves struggles with this feeling of frustration from time to time. And those who say they are never frustrated and every day is perfect are lying! LOL.

Success means something different to everyone so “not making enough money today” might not really trigger this feeling for you. Maybe it's more like, you are not getting enough feedback or you wished you could fit in more clients than you are able to right now (nice problem to have right?!), or you had a cancellation or two, or maybe too much work on your shoulders!

Whatever it is that is getting you feeling like things aren't working smoothly, know this… it will pass. But, sometimes it needs a little nudging to pass, so…

Here are 5 Tips to Regain Focus & Overcome Frustration:

1- Mediate: quiet your mind for at least 20 minutes a day and let the universe “take your order” much like you let a waiter take your dinner order. Let it go and trust that it will manifest itself in the least expected way. It is when we release the control of how things should happen to us that they do happen. Sounds foo-foo, I know, but if you just give it a chance you might just surprise yourself.

2- Let it out: call a trusted friend and share your feelings. Preferably not on Facebook. Sometimes we just need to let what's bothering us get out through our lips and soon after we find the solution to our own problems. Focus on sharing without complaining. Simply share with the goal to speak the words and seek no particular guidance on the matter.

3- Do something different today: for me this was ‘send a broadcast email out'. I have been focusing so much on finalizing my book and the details of my blog course that I hadn't sent an email out to my subscribers in a couple weeks! I drafted and sent a quick email and that made me feel better as I felt I was touching base with those who have already expressed interest in my work. Nurturing your existing readers is just a fulfilling for me as attracting new ones!

4- Walk it off: well, sometimes our bodies are trying to tell us something! Get in touch with nature and take a walk outside for 20 minutes. Set a timer for 10 and start walking, when it buzzes, start your walk back home. Think about nothing but your landscape, the sky, the trees, the oxygen you are breathing, and clear your mind with this healthy walk. Did you know walking actually utilizes more muscles in your body than running does?

5- Write a letter to yourself: this is a little cookie but cathartic at the same time. Just sit down and write a letter to yourself giving yourself advice on the situation at hand. What could you do different? How to do you feel or WANT to feel when you are successful? What DOES success look like? What would be a realistic smaller success goal you could encourage your own self to reach for be? This takes some separation from self and focus on your unbiased opinion (not easy). Put the letter away and read it to yourself when you go to bed.

You don't have to do all five at once. Some may feel more appealing or reasonable than others depending on your day. My hope is that you get through this short phase with pride and confidence knowing that you already have what it takes to succeed inside of you!


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